Two Pen & Ink Drawings

Marylin Monroe. I had to do a cross-hatched drawing for illustration...I ended up not using this one.

Anna Karina. This is one I turned in for a grade. It's much better.


Illustrator Illustrations! For Alphabet an Book.

In one of my classes we made an alphabet book. my group did "Scuba Bob and the ABC Submarine, which is available for purchase here.
This was my first time using illustrator,
I think it worked out well though.

A for anglerfish.

F for fin whale.

K for krill.

P for pink river dolphin. (it's sort of a stretch,
but I wanted to make a pink dolphin once I found out that they actually exist!)

U for umbrella chichlid.

and Z for zebra seahorse.

As you can see, we incorporated the letters into the illustrations.


some old stuff.

I messed with this picture, I found it in the Library of Congress.

Something else from photoshop.


Hey Matt!

Yay for fan belts braking and having to walk in the rain.
annnd for having to wait around aimlessly.
I'm bored.
Sooooo...let's hang out?
kk. ttyl.



Product of Art 100 Boredom.

I have no idea how to draw a manatee. Obviously.
I also am terrible at lettering...also obviously...

Art 100 is a useless class!